Blues Promotion Dongen

Blues Promotion Dongen organiseert al sinds 1987 blues concerten in Blues Café de Gouden Leeuw in Dongen. De grootste namen passeren de revue, spelend in een fijne (kleine) ambiance.

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Blues Promotion Dongen

Ons nieuwe seizoen start op 26 augustus a.s.meer op website , op 23 september komt The Blues Caravan in Dongen, met Mike Zito, Vanja Sky en Bernard Allison ! ... Bekijk meerBekijk minder

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Blues Promotion Dongen

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Blues Promotion Dongen

In memorian bluesman Ton van Tilburg

By Peter Nooten - translated in English

On Saturday we will say goodbye to a remarkable man who is known to almost every Dongenaar. Ton has been active at various organizations in Dongen. He also volunteered at the Amarant Foundation in Tilburg and he enjoyed it very much. But his greatest passion was, besides his family and grandchildren, mainly music and especially blues music. For more than thirty years he was an inspiring force at Blues Promotion Dongen. Here he was a great graphic designer and he was able to combine his passion for blues music.

He was barely retired when he fell ill and this was a tough fight for him, especially because the complicated ailment could not be found. Numerous studies and hospital stays could not change this much. And little by little he delivered until there was really nothing left.

Two years ago his son Sander took over his job at Blues Promotion Dongen, especially to introduce some rejuvenation, but also because his father Ton could no longer afford it. He could also no longer attend the monthly performances. What hurt him a lot, sometimes he sometimes came to the Golden Lion to be present during the preparations. At the same time he could also enjoy seeing everyone busy and greeting the musicians. But when it was then that it was 'showtime' and people came in, he was no longer able to stay. This did him very much because he could watch out and enjoy those concerts.

And also the encounters with the many famous blues enthusiasts he had met in all those years. He often walked around as proudly as a peacock and enjoyed when the audience went crazy. Always his camera at the ready to shoot beautiful pictures of the artists and audience. Many of those beautiful moments that he recorded can still be seen in the Golden Lion room. Photography was his profession and you are only a good professional when you are in love with your work.
He also enjoyed going to other gigs or festivals to get new impressions, but he had to give up earlier because the energy went down. His world became smaller and smaller each time. Happiness with his wife and children and especially his grandchildren was the most important thing for him at home.

Saturday, June 16, we will definitely say goodbye to Ton, of course we will make his favorite music sound, but the lack will not take this away but more bearable. And certainly this will motivate Blues Promotion Dongen even more to keep the blues 'Keeping Alive'.

Blues Promotion Dongen

Information about the service

You can say goodbye to Ton in the funeral home of cooperative DELA, Groenstraat 14a in Dongen, on Thursday 14 June from 18.30 to 19.30 hrs.

The farewell service will be held on Saturday 16 June at 13.45 in Aula Atrium of the crematorium, Karel Boddenweg 5 in Tilburg. Afterwards, the funeral will take place in a closed circle.

After the farewell service you are invited to a gathering at Zaal De Gouden Leeuw, St. Josephstraat 107 in Dongen.
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